Articulating user experience in architects’ knowing: Tailoring scenario-based design to architecture

This project aims to develop design-oriented formats to inform architects about people’s spatial experience. The first part studies how users’ spatial experience is attended to in present-day architectural design practice. This allows mapping the preconditions of architects’ designerly ways of working with which new formats need to tie in. The second part analyses the potential qualities of formats that successfully foster insight, empathy and innovation in other design disciplines. Integrating the findings of both parts will allow the development of novel information formats that support architects in designing buildings that address the challenges of our diverse and ageing society.



  • Funding Agency: Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
  • PhD candidate: Valerie Van der Linden
  • Supervisors: prof. Ann Heylighen, prof. Hua Dong (Tongji University)
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