Citizen Dialog Kit

An interactive and wireless display toolkit to open up civic dialogue

The Citizen Dialogue Kit consists of a set of custom-designed tools to facilitate dialogues between citizens and civic organizations within the urban environment. It allows such organizations to convey public information that address local concerns, and invites passers-by to leave their personal opinions in order to build bottom-up support for issues in the community.

The toolkit contains a custom codesign methodology to determine local issues and identify the most suitable open datasets that reflect these. The methodology also guides organizers to decide upon how to visualize this data, where to place these visualizations within the urban environment, and what questions to ask.

The physical toolkit also contains a set of wireless, battery-powered public displays equipped with interactive polling features. The wireless connectivity allows the displays to convey up-to-date information such as sensor readings and statistics, and to transmit the live polling information to a central database. Each display is able to update its content according to various contextual parameters. Multiple displays located together therefore invite for new kinds of data-supported and hyperlocal narratives in the urban environment to arise.

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