The experience of lying.

Informing the design of hospital architecture on patients' spatial experience in motion.

Hospital buildings tend to be experienced by patients from a, for architects, atypical perspective, namely lying in a hospital bed, statically and in motion. This altered perspective has a significant impact on patients’ spatial experience. Gaining insight into this experience is for most architects not trivial, but crucial if they are to design truly patient-centred hospitals.

The aim of this project is twofold. First it aims to gain insights into patients’ spatial experience (in motion). To this end the project investigates which aspects relevant to architectural practice have an impact on patients’ spatial experience of a hospital environment, static and in motion. The second aim is to inform hospital design on these insights to anticipate the needs of patients and other users. To this end it is investigated how insights into patients’ spatial experience (in motion) can be translated in a format that is applicable for architectural practice.

The project contains specific contributions for architects, healthcare providers and researchers. By adequately translating the insights gained into patients’ spatial experience in motion to these three groups, the project takes a first step towards realising truly patient-centred hospital buildings.



  • Funding: Agency Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology - IWT, osar architects nv
  • Principal Investigator: Margo Annemans
  • Team Members: arch. Hilde Vermolen, prof. Ann Heylighen, prof. Chantal Van Audenhove
  • Project Partner: osar architects nv
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