Piet Tutenel wins best paper award at EAD2019

At the European Academy of Design/EAD2019 conference in Dundee, RxD PhD candidate Piet Tutenel has been awarded the Rachel Cooper Award for Innovation 2019 for his paper “Conversations between procedural and situated ethics: Learning from video research with children in a cancer care ward”.

The paper, which is co-authored by Stefan Ramaekers and Ann Heylighen, reflects on what we can learn from ethical encounters while conducting video research with children in sensitive and hard-to-enter contexts like hospital wards. It argues that exploring, rather than closing, the experienced gap between design research and healthcare ethical protocols establishes a shared space of reflection that offers a stepping stone to link both.

The video research referred to in the paper is part of Piet’s PhD research on Room for vulnerability, which investigates how the lived experience of children affected by cancer can inform the design of cancer care facilities. The research is supported by Kom op tegen Kanker and the Department of Architecture.

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