mosaic of pictures from different living environments of autistic people

What is essential in residential design for independent living on the autism spectrum? – PhD seminar by Phuong Lan Nguyen

Autistic people’s well-being can be profoundly affected by their residential environment. Autistic adults tend to live with their parents rather than independently. Given the importance of residential settings to everyone. It is appropriate to ask how independent living on the autism spectrum is related to the design of the residential environment.

The seminar will bring insights into the relationships between residential design, autistic residents’ lived experiences, and independent living. First, a scoping review about residential design for autistic people in relation to independent living will be presented. Then, three case studies will offer insights into autistic adults’ lived experiences. The first case study seeks to bridge the gap between architects’ design intentions and autistic users’ experiences. The second and third case studies explore the meaning of living independently to four autistic men, and the role of their residential environment therein.

The seminar’s objective is to draw attention to and discuss these complex relationships, in light of the question what is essential in residential design for independent living on the autism spectrum.

Date: 31/03/2021 – 13.00 tot 14.30

Location: Webinar (online). Please contact Phuong Nguyen in case you would like to attend. A link to follow the seminar will be send by email a day in advance.

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