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The Invisible Back-End

In March, we were working on the less visible part of the project: the online platform that connects open data from Organicity’s urban data observatory to the public displays. Users …


Updating the toolkit

We added a feedback function to the interactive displays by adding a LED light onto the DUL radio’s. This way, participants receive an immediate confirmation for their vote. Meanwhile, the votes …


Public Visualizations at Santander

This week, the Research[x]Design team installed several public visualization kits at shops in the Calle San Fransisco street in Santander. As mentioned in previous posts, one public visualization kit exists of 1 interactive …


Preparing the next iteration of our prototype

Based on the different perspectives cited by the citizens of Aarhus, we designed a wireframe for the components of our visualization interface.We continued the technical development of the interface that allow …


Prototype Toolkit V.1

  We are testing and preparing the first version of our toolkit. This includes 10 e-paper displays, each communicates a data set of choice of the owner.