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Urban data visualisations brought to the streets by citizens.

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The “Public Like Displays” Project

“Displaying urban data in the streets create opportunities for civic engagement. We are developing a toolbox that empowers citizens to publicly visualise data that they have collected or deem important, leading to situated debates about the topics that matter to them.”

By communicating urban data on its place of creation, i.e. the city itself, citizens have the power to become informed and engage in public debate.  Such ‘public visualization’ can touch upon a multitude of concerns and requirements that need to be addressed: waste management, energy consumption, changing demographics and so on. For instance, a concerned citizen might want to ‘hack’ a local LED sign to compare the actual air quality level to whether clouds emanate from a factory chimney nearby, while a local council wishes to compare the weekly garbage weights of similar apartment buildings to each other. This project will result in a toolbox that is designed to be open, flexible and creative, and able to adapt to the levels of conceptual and technological experience of citizens.

Experimenting in Santander, London and Aarhus.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 645198”.

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The Invisible Back-End

In March, we were working on the less visible part of the project: the online platform that connects open data from Organicity’s urban data observatory to the public displays. Users …


Updating the toolkit

We added a feedback function to the interactive displays by adding a LED light onto the DUL radio’s. This way, participants receive an immediate confirmation for their vote. Meanwhile, the votes …


Public Visualizations at Santander

This week, the Research[x]Design team installed several public visualization kits at shops in the Calle San Fransisco street in Santander. As mentioned in previous posts, one public visualization kit exists of 1 interactive …


Preparing the next iteration of our prototype

Based on the different perspectives cited by the citizens of Aarhus, we designed a wireframe for the components of our visualization interface.We continued the technical development of the interface that allow …