4WUA receives honorary mention at the 2018 FAD prizes

4WUA (Four Wheelchair-User Architects), a book that presents a new architecture – one projected by disabled architects – received an honorary mention at the 2018 FAD prizes, a prestigious prize in Spain.

One of the four authors, and also editor of the book, is Natalia Pérez Liebergesell, who investigates as PhD candidate in the Research[x]Design group how disabled architects design.

By writing in the first person, the authors of the book share through their own eyes the every-day situations that wheelchair users fight against, architecturally and otherwise. Their final thesis projects draw on their own capabilities to further illustrate how cities with great cultural and landscape heritage can become more inclusive. 

The book itself, published by Gustavo Gilli, was designed very carefully. Why? Because everyone who contributed to it is fed up with the fact that “accessible” tends to be considered synonym of “ugly, sad and depressing”. Instead the authors strive for architectures which aim to improve their inhabitants’ quality of life and in which beauty plays an important role.

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